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Welcome to VentureWithLinda!

You have entered happiness lair aka my personal blog of all the things that makes my life feel complete (i.e traveling, exploring, eating, etc. You get the point…). I’m a big dreamer with hopes to travel the world, go on crazy adventures, and do what most millennials do – live in the moment and screw the future. Haha, just kidding. Whether you have stumbled on my page by accident or decided to check out my page (because you love me), be ecstatic that you did (cause I am)! Join me in some of my latest discovery from restaurants to cafes and venture with me through all of my traveling experiences. Here is where I will share with you all of life’s simplest form of bliss from gelato discoveries that are out of this world to some personal self-discovery that make me the happy gal that I am.



I guess you can say I love to keep all my memories stored somewhere! Feel free to check out my video logs!